Soldering module

The high precision welding module is an extremely accurate welding module that can be integrated as an individual module to an existing system or as part of our applicaion line solution.

We are currently shipping the second generation models and this product has been widely tested by different organizations.

Technical specifications

Specification Value
Working area X 490 mm
Working area Y 850 mm
Working area Z 100 mm
W- axes, degrees 360
Max axes speed 3 m/s
Max accelleration 3000 mm/s2
Repeatability X/Y/Z 5 micron
Servo gripper U axes max 32 mm
Finger storage positions 6
Component lead inspection Optional
PCB min 50*100 mm
PCB max 500*380 mm
Active clinching L/W 480*350 mm
Clinching unit 2,5 to 40 mm
Clinch rotation, pneumatic 0/90 degree
Programmable Servo rotation 0, 90 degree
Feeder interface 540 mm
Feeder connection port 12
Programmable gripping force
Collission detection
Component detection
Vacuum head interface
Automatic finger change
Automatic Vision system 1 or 2 cameras
SMEMA standard
Under board units
Passive board support
slide 2


Axial tape
Radial tape
Tube; horisontal, vertical, angular
Reel pin header
Label tape feeder
Label printer feeder

If you are interested to see more you can watch our application line demo on the Application line page. If you would like to get more details or order the product we encourage you to contact us. You can find our contact details in the contacts page.

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