MG PCB Depaneling Top Router Family

Mereo’s PCB Depaneling Router family consists of two standard routers MG 1000 TR and MG 1500 TR. Routers come with the maintenance free, fastest on the market linear servo axes. Routing can be done from right side, left side or in the center of the gap. Routers have similar easy-to-use user interface software than other Mereo products.

Featured MG 1500 TR, PCB Top Router with Dual Shuttle and Saw.

Main specs:

  • Servo X,Y axes
  • Repeatability: +/- 5 microns
  • Accuracy: +/- 10 microns (Incremental scale)
  • Cutting speed up to 10 000 tabs per hour
  • PCB max:
    • TR 1000: 500×500 mm
    • TR 1500: 1000×500 mm (Dual Shuttle: 350×500 mm/shuttle)
  •  Router speed: 5-200 mm / s
  • Spindle max. 100.000 rpm
  • Manual vision for teaching
  • Position download opportunity
  • Interface for vacuum cleaner


  • Higher accuracy with linear absolute scales
  • Servo Z axis for spindle
  • Vision alignment
  • Vacuum cleaner with auto start & stop
  • FMS; Fixture Manufacturing Software
  • Broken bit detector
  • Bit height & width measurement
  • Automated bit changing system; 25 positions, 5 different diameters a’ 5 positions
  • Dual Y axes, operator can load new product while other one is on routing / saw process
  • Saw; separate saw spindle installed on servo Z axis. Direct drive servo motor with absolute N-coder for table rotation