MG HiFlex Product Family

MG HiFlex – Highest Flexibility on the market. Mereo’s HiFlex product family consists of two standard platforms HiFlex 1000 and HiFlex 1500. Both are available as in-line or off-line cells. HiFlex machines with intelligent software can be used for several operations and it is easy to change the process whenever the production requires it.

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MG PCB Depaneling Top Router Family

Mereo’s PCB Depaneling Router family consists of two standard routers M-G 1000 TR and M-G 1500 TR. Routers come with the maintenance free, fastest on the market linear servo axes. Routing can be done from right side, left side or in the center of the gap.

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MG Component Feeders

Mereo has wide range of component feeders; Radial/Axial feeders, Tray/Tube/Bowl feeders, Metal strip feeders, Label placement feeders and Custom feeders.

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M-G FA, Final Assembly Line

Complete lines for product’s final assembly and packing.

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