Application line

Our product portfolio consists of standard robot platform and application. Applications include equipment for depanelling, odd-form component assembly, selective soldering with iron, screw insertion, final assembly, test handling, dispensing, packing. We manufacture also customized feeders and customized assembly equipment.

Application line
Odd form component assembly Multi Function Cell Dispensing Customized feeders Screw insertion Final assembly Packing line Selective soldering Depanelling cell Test handling CTC (Conveyor Top Concept) Custom applications Industry 4.0

Odd form component assembly

Up to 4.000 CPH ( Component Per Hour ) with a repeatability of +/- 5 micron.

The cells can insert any component you can imagine. Patented servo driven gripper with automatic finger change adapts to any component shape. We can also pick a component like RF shield with a vacuum tool.

We have 2 different cells, Cito 800 with 10 feeder capacity and Cito 1500 with 20 feeder capacity. 


Multi Function Cell

The multifunction cell has an automatic tool changing system. The cell uses our standard user interface software. The cell can have up to 5 different process:

  • Assembly
  • Screw Insertion
  • Dispensing
  • Soldering
  • Test handling



We use dispenser pump from Musashi Engineering. The dispensing cells are based on our standard cells with our standard user interface.


The dispensing process can be integrated also as an option to our assembly / screw insertion cells.


Customized feeders

Feeding a component is our core competence. We have built several different types of feeders during our history. We are manufacturing feeders for 3rd party assembly cells like to Fuji or Universal.


Screw insertion

The screw insertion is based on our own servo driven screwdriver with linear servo driven Z axes. The servo driven system with the software provide the best control on the screw RPM adjustment and Z torque with in loop Z position control compared to rotation control position.


Final assembly

The final assembly lines are based on our standard cell platforms. The cells are equipped with selected tools and process equipment. For low volumes the final assembly line can also use our MF (Multi Function) cell that manages several process tools in one cell.


Packing line

The packing lines are mostly based on our CTC cell platform.

The packing lines are controlled by our OTACCO line management software with 100% traceability.

We have multiple feeders for packing materials such as:

  • Leaflet
  • Label
  • Box forming
  • Tray feeders
  • Bag feeder
  • Bowl feeder.


Selective soldering

Over 15 years of experience with current soldering tool and software.

We use iron based soldering tool. The tool has servo driven wire feed with adjustable and accurate feed of wire. The tool has floating head with X/Y/Z compensation providing consistent contact to the PCB and to the pin. We offer both In Line and Offline solution. The Off Line cell has dual shuttle for manual load / unload while the cell is doing soldering.


Depanelling cell

We offer both Offline and In Line cells. The cells provide the highest speed and accuracy on the market. Up to 2,5 m/s at a repeatability of +/-5 micron. Servo driven Z axes provide optimal usage of router bit saving 50% of used bits annually. Automatic vision give reliable and consistent quality.


Test handling

We have several different solutions for test handling such as In line tester with single interface and elevator based test handling for test tower with multiple tester on a tower. Test handler is offered based on customer request.


CTC (Conveyor Top Concept)

The CTC has a unique approach. You can add the cell on top of existing conveyor line without any changes on your factory layout.

The CTC cell supports several standard processes such as: 

  • OF placement
  • Screw insertion
  • Dispensing
  • Elective soldering
  • Final assembly.


Custom applications

We can provide customized solutions in case the solution can not be solved with our standard cells.


Industry 4.0

About Mereo-Group

Mereo provides automation solutions for electronics industry. We create turnkey solutions to client’s problems by combining our existing solutions with new innovation. Creating new solutions for existing problems constantly updates and expands our product portfolio. We believe that the best way to create new products is to solve customers existing problem.

Supplementing our core product we have different feeders, conveyors and PCB handling equipment.

Our office and production facility is located in Tallinn, Estonia. Our experienced employees and our wide partner network help us to produce simple solutions for complicated problems.

Contact us for more information:

Markku Jokela, CEO
+358 404 803 060